Is Your Business On Facebook?

Facebook, everybody uses it – on a daily basis… now just imagine having your business featured on its own facebook page. Many business¬†relationships are created everyday through the use of effective and easy to find web sites… now just take it one step further and involve the most popular social network of facebook to promote your business.

Creating a facebook page or group is simple – checkout the HAVE1.COM facebook page by clicking here… Get some info together about your business, add photos, videos, web links and discussions – and before you realize it you’ve got a nice facebook page put together for your business. Click here to start your own facebook page for your company… You will need to have a facebook account and be logged into that account.

Now you can start inviting all your friends to join your page or group – or get some of the facebook ads to help promote your page/group. Facebook ads are very similar to google sponsored ads, sometimes called pay-per-click ads as you only pay if people click on your ads. Facebook ads can be specifically targeted to specific age groups, marital status, male/female, specific interests, locations and much more – therefore to promote something more locally is a lot easier than going through Google ads.

Another great way to promote your newly created facebook page is to include a link to it in all your email correspondence via the signature line. However to make it easier to include the link we suggest you create a shortened version of that long facebook page URL by going to Tiny URL and changing your facebook URL page from something that might look like this: to something shorter like this:

Once your newly created facebook page has 25 or more fans you can then qualify for creating a facebook username for your page (similar to having the ability to create a facebook account username) – for more information on how to create a username for your facebook page please go to the following link:

If you wish to know more about having your business featured on facebook, and other social network sites, please contact us for more info…

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