Online Availability & Reservation System

With more people either updating their web sites or looking at having a web site for their rental income property, bed & breakfast, resort or vacation rental, we feel that our Reservation System is a perfect addition on your web site as it is very simple to implement and your clients will automatically benefit of the system’s capabilities to both see available dates and book online… saving your time and money.

Our Reservation System is all designed to be administered online, therefore you don’t need to install anything on your computer in order to offer the system on your web site. We provide the links and code for you to stick on your web site to give your clients access to the online booking system… however if you’re not comfortable handling this we can also install it for you on your site.

Once the links have been produced you can then login to the system and setup all of your rooms, cottages, chalets and rental properties. There are many different configurations available that allow you to control availability dates, pricing, length of stay, taxes, deposit amounts and much more.

When people use the online booking system you will get instantly notified via email with the booking information. For clients that also offer over-the-phone booking, you can simply log-in and select the booked dates so that your online system is up-to-date with your guest’s information.

Accepting online payments can be handled in different formats via our system – if you already accept credit cards over the phone we would use our secure online payment collection system, or we can also tie it into your merchant account, PayPal is also a very popular option as there are no monthly fees involved and through PayPal you can easily accept all major Credit Cards.

Need more information or have questions? Please feel free to contact us at any time

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