Yes, great domain names are still available…

Yes virginia there is a santa claus when it comes to great domain names still being available. I’m surprised each day at some of the amazing domain names that are still available. There are many ways to search for domain names – you can do the domain name lookup on our web site using the little form at the top-right hand corner of each of our pages on or use the many other tools that are out there for researching domain name availability.

Also, keep in mind that there are thousands of new domain names being registered each day and hundreds more that are also expiring as people either forgot to renew their names or didn’t want them anymore. This is a great way to snap up a domain name that is both unique and also usually comes with a history of search engine ranking status. The domain names that have expired and have top rankings usually get snapped up automatically by some of the bogus search engine sites that then display an automatic “sponsored” search page on which they hope to cash in on the previous domain name site’s popularity. However in many cases these domain names are usually released back into the available pile for people to register without having to physically buy the domain from someone else (usually for hundreds of extra dollars).

We just recently had a great example of a very good domain name becoming available – the domain name is “” – our client noticed that the domain name had expired and we then waited for it to be released – upon it being released and available to be registered we snapped it up for our client. The same client already had “” which we found was still available a couple of months back – now the client has both the .COM and .CA of this amazing domain name.

There are hundreds of different domain name registrars and thousands of companies that sell domain names online – however keep in mind that sometimes a lower price doesn’t mean that you will get the best service or help and support when you need it. With every domain name that is registered through HAVE1.COM we make sure you are the rightful owner of that domain name – plus we also notify you in advance when the domain name is coming due for renewal – we usually do this not just by an automatic email notification as sometimes the email address originally used to register the domain name is no longer valid… we also will send out a notification via regular mail and call you as well.

When it comes to using your domain name we’ll offer you the support necessary to full understand all that is involved in making the right decisions to have the outcome be a successful online web presence of your business. Therefore please contact us if you have any questions, or are looking for any particular domain names – we are here to help.

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