Looking at getting a web quote?

We’ve setup a new online ticketing system to make it easier to submit quote requests for new web design, redesigning your existing site or simply having a few updates made to your web site. The ticket system allows our staff to quickly responde to quote requests, technical support issues and any questions you may have.

This system allows you to easily enter questions and info including links and files into an online ticket which then our staff can quickly respond to and have the information all contained in one handy online spot without having to look through multiple emails and attachments.

Please visit our web site (http://www.have1.com) and click on the big yellow button in the top right-hand corner or link directly to the ticket system by going to http://www.have1.com/ticket

We hope you like what you see in the simplicity of our ticket system – if you are interested in having a similar system made available for your company please feel free to contact us at any time… simply open a new ticket 

As always, we invite any feedback you may have about any of our products and services – we are here to help you.

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