Keyword-rich domain names – why use them?

domain-names, owen sound, ontario, canadaI’ve been wanting to write a short article about the relevance of domain names vs. your site’s keywords and also how more relevant domain names get higher search engine positioning… so here is my short article about the benefits of making your domain name part of your search engine optimization.

DOMAIN NAMES – many of our clients first start out with having us register a domain name for them usually a name that is close to their actual company’s name – example Rail Innovations (a Schomberg based Canadian Train video production company) went with the domain name “” – perfect fit, easy for people to remember as it basically is the company’s name with a .COM added to it. This is still our number one recommended way to go for a company that is looking at having their first domain name registered for their online web site and email.

However, lately we’ve been seeing more clients (both existing and brand new clients) come in with a hand full of domain name choices and usually ending up registering at least two different names to point to one main identity – thus incorporating either common misspellings or optional spellings of their main domain name (our own example: HAVE1.COM & HAVEONE.COM). This is very wise to do as many other companies will try to take advantage of someone else’s online success (check this site that mentions the many misspellings of Google, by clicking here…). Remember when you are looking at registering your main company’s domain name try to keep it very simple – the shorter and easy to spell the better.

SEARCH ENGINES – There are many different ways to get your web site found on the many different search engines by including metatags on each individual page of your site such as descriptions and keywords, different title tags for each page, alt image descriptions, actual text content on your site, link structure, blogging, links, hosting server uptime… and once all that has been done submitting your web site to all the different types of search engines.

Now when it comes to having your site appear on the search engines that’s easy – however the tricky part is getting your site show up in the top ten for your most relevant keywords gets a bit more challenging each time Google or Yahoo decide to change their ranking system. Over the years we’ve learned a lot when it comes to getting your site recognized in the top for your targeted  audience and have implemented some great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages to help your site… however that isn’t what this article is about, it’s more about the importance of domain names getting you additional search engine exposure.

DOMAIN / KEYWORD COMBINATION – A keyword rich domain name would combine your top keywords into a unique domain name to identify your company with on the search engines – these domain names are definitely not recommended to be used as your main overall corporate identity – example you wouldn’t want to use “” as your main web site address on all your company’s stationery etc. – the keyword rich domain names are simply recommended for use via the search engines or in some cases if they are nice and short then only would we recommend advertising them on your vehicle or company’s marketing material (example:

So since domain names are now a lot cheaper than they used to be when .COMs and .CAs were first introduced, it definitely does make sense to have a series of keyword rich domain names that link back to your web site. Many of our clients are using our domain name lookup tool to see what .COM and .CA domains are still available – along with the awesome keyword suggestion tool that Google offers – you can simply find different combinations of keyword domains that will work for your company.

A few things to consider when looking for domain names that are keyword rich: try the .COM or .CA extensions first – then I would recommend the .NET, .BIZ and .INFO and also the .ORG – if all of these are taken try putting a hyphen in between the keywords to see if any of the domain names are still available. I would also recommend including location names if your site is purely targeting local areas for your business – example: ontario, greybruce, owen sound, canada etc. – for a local taxi company I wouldn’t recommend registering “” – however more local city/town/county names such as “”.

REAL LIFE EXAMPLES – We recently launched a brand new web site for a local business and had it appear in the top position on Yahoo instantly and in the top 3 position on Google for the main keywords the client wanted to highlight. The client is “Terry Lorenz Enterprises” – with their domain name “” – it was already on the search engines and easily found when typing in “Terry Lorenz Enterprises” in Google, however they wanted to be in the top 10 for “ontario trailers” – so we suggested looking at keyword rich domain names and just happened to look-up “” and it was still available… (stay tuned for my next blog article about the availability of some great domain names). We registered this domain name on behalf of our client and redesigned the site at the same time making the “” domain the main site and the old “” name a simple forward to the new site. This is just one example of instant top positioning with a very good keyword rich domain name.

For our second example we have a client that has about 5-8 different domain names that are all keyword rich related to his company’s products he sells across the world “giant outdoor chess” games. This client uses the Google Adwords quite heavily to promote his different online sites… however we thought we could do better without the high costs of the per click each site was requiring to stay in the top positions. Using the great Google Keyword Suggestion Tool we found that the most search for keywords are giant outdoor chess – so we searched and found that the domain name “” was still available – of course we registered it right away as the client was really wanting to be in the top position for these keywords – we also ended up building a web site around this domain name for the extra capabilities to better position the site on all the search engines – we believe we succeeded very well as the site now appears in the top on Google and Yahoo – not bad for a domain name that only cost about $35 plus setting up the new site.

CONCLUSION – I hope that this article will entice people to look and see what type of domain names are still available that may benefit their online presence – in our next blog article we will be covering the many types of domain names that are still available and some examples of other success stories.

If anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions or have any topics that you would like to know more about; please contact us. As always, we are here to help you get noticed.

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