Archive for August 10th, 2008

Free classified ads

About a month ago one of my wife’s relatives called me at work to ask me a couple of questions. One of the questions was actually asking for my suggestion on how to sell an item online. They had tried the local newspaper’s classified ads without receiving one call, however spending a lot of money on the ads. Therefore they thought about calling me to see what I could help them with selling their item.

I immediately thought of the one site that I’ve recommended many times to our clients… This site is amazing as it allows you to post multiple ads and photos without any fees! Plus the site has local areas and thousands of visitors every hour.

I heard back from my relatives the next day about their success story of finally selling their item the same day they posted it on the kijiji site!!

Blog entry using my iphone

Hello everyone, I just installed a new and free application on my iPhone which allows me to easily add articles to my blog. Now I can write a new blog entry whenever something comes to my mind without having to sit in front of a computer. Got to love technology. Now I just have to figure out my Rogers bill for extra time and data use on my cell phone. GABE