Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 1: sponsored listings

Everyone seems to be very interested in having their web site get more traffic these days as many people are cutting back on their traditional advertising budgets and spending more money online. I wanted to write this series of articles for a number of months now as we get many people asking us about getting extra exposure online and how to best spend their money on something that will offer them the best return on their investment.

So here goes, a starter guide to different methods of Search Engine exposure… we will many different methods and also go beyond the google’s and yahoo’s, in our next few articles. Read the rest of this entry »

Online Availability & Reservation System

With more people either updating their web sites or looking at having a web site for their rental income property, bed & breakfast, resort or vacation rental, we feel that our Reservation System is a perfect addition on your web site as it is very simple to implement and your clients will automatically benefit of the system’s capabilities to both see available dates and book online… saving your time and money.

Our Reservation System is all designed to be administered online, therefore you don’t need to install anything on your computer in order to offer the system on your web site. Read the rest of this entry »

Yes, great domain names are still available…

Yes virginia there is a santa claus when it comes to great domain names still being available. I’m surprised each day at some of the amazing domain names that are still available. There are many ways to search for domain names – you can do the domain name lookup on our web site using the little form at the top-right hand corner of each of our pages on or use the many other tools that are out there for researching domain name availability.

Also, keep in mind that there are thousands of new domain names being registered each day and hundreds more that are also expiring as people either forgot to renew their names or didn’t want them anymore. This is a great way to snap up a domain name that is both unique and also usually comes with a history of search engine ranking status. The domain names that have expired and have top rankings usually get snapped up automatically by some of the bogus search engine sites that then display an automatic “sponsored” search page on which they hope to cash in on the previous domain name site’s popularity. However in many cases these domain names are usually released back into the available pile for people to register without having to physically buy the domain from someone else (usually for hundreds of extra dollars). Read the rest of this entry »

Looking at getting a web quote?

We’ve setup a new online ticketing system to make it easier to submit quote requests for new web design, redesigning your existing site or simply having a few updates made to your web site. The ticket system allows our staff to quickly responde to quote requests, technical support issues and any questions you may have.

This system allows you to easily enter questions and info including links and files into an online ticket which then our staff can quickly respond to and have the information all contained in one handy online spot without having to look through multiple emails and attachments.

Please visit our web site ( and click on the big yellow button in the top right-hand corner or link directly to the ticket system by going to

We hope you like what you see in the simplicity of our ticket system – if you are interested in having a similar system made available for your company please feel free to contact us at any time… simply open a new ticket 

As always, we invite any feedback you may have about any of our products and services – we are here to help you.

Keyword-rich domain names – why use them?

domain-names, owen sound, ontario, canadaI’ve been wanting to write a short article about the relevance of domain names vs. your site’s keywords and also how more relevant domain names get higher search engine positioning… so here is my short article about the benefits of making your domain name part of your search engine optimization.

DOMAIN NAMES – many of our clients first start out with having us register a domain name for them usually a name that is close to their actual company’s name – example Rail Innovations Read the rest of this entry »

Is Your Business On Facebook?

Facebook, everybody uses it – on a daily basis… now just imagine having your business featured on its own facebook page. Many business relationships are created everyday through the use of effective and easy to find web sites… now just take it one step further and involve the most popular social network of facebook to promote your business.

Creating a facebook page or group is simple – checkout the HAVE1.COM facebook page by clicking here… Get some info together about your business, add photos, videos, web links and discussions – and before you realize it you’ve got a nice facebook page put together for your business. Click here to start your own facebook page for your company… You will need to have a facebook account and be logged into that account. Read the rest of this entry »

Free classified ads

About a month ago one of my wife’s relatives called me at work to ask me a couple of questions. One of the questions was actually asking for my suggestion on how to sell an item online. They had tried the local newspaper’s classified ads without receiving one call, however spending a lot of money on the ads. Therefore they thought about calling me to see what I could help them with selling their item.

I immediately thought of the one site that I’ve recommended many times to our clients… This site is amazing as it allows you to post multiple ads and photos without any fees! Plus the site has local areas and thousands of visitors every hour.

I heard back from my relatives the next day about their success story of finally selling their item the same day they posted it on the kijiji site!!

Blog entry using my iphone

Hello everyone, I just installed a new and free application on my iPhone which allows me to easily add articles to my blog. Now I can write a new blog entry whenever something comes to my mind without having to sit in front of a computer. Got to love technology. Now I just have to figure out my Rogers bill for extra time and data use on my cell phone. GABE

Hello & welcome

Welcome to the HAVE1.COM blog. We are very excited to start our own blog after creating blogs for some of our customers. This will be a great method to interact with our clients, answer questions, share tips and great web links plus offer education of many different products and services we offer. We invite you to feel free to post any questions or suggestions in the comments field and we will be sure to try to answer and address as many topics as possible. Thanks for visiting and please come back often. GABE NOWAK, owner of HAVE1.COM